BLOG: Comicave Studios – Omni Class 1/12 Iron Man Mark 43

Ever since Comicave Studios did a license rescue from Play Imaginative (technically the latter still has the license but it’s a long story), they promised and actually delivered amazing products — the latest being the 1/12 Iron Man Mark 38 "Igor". After Iron Man Mark 23 "Shades", which is apparently a Japanese exclusive, they’ll be upping the ante by introducing improvements which aims appeal to every collector. And as well as to formalize an actual line for their collectibles, at least the 1/12 scale ones. Introducing the Omni Class figures.

Comicave Studios - Omni Class 1/12 Iron Man Mark 43 "Omni" means ‘every’ and the Omni Class line promises to be not only for seasoned collectors, but those new to the whole collecting thing as well. Still retaining the 75% die cast content, improvements for the Omni Class figures would include extendable joints and articulated armor panels for better poseability, more accessible battery compartment for electronics, and sleeker packaging.

For its debut figure, Iron Man Mark 43 will have over 20 points of articulation, LED light up functions, extensive gloss and matte paint work, and replacement manipulators plus effect parts. Those interested can pre-order via Entertainment Earth or one of their authorized sellers through the store locator.

  • Omni Class 1/12 Iron Man Mark 43
    Release Information: May 2016 · $110

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