BLOG: Wonder Festival Winter 2016 – Sen-Ti-Nel

Wonder Festival Winter 2016 - Sen-Ti-Nel Compared to the rest of the companies on the show floor, Sen-Ti-Nel is a relatively new one but they already have a substantial selection of figures across multiple lines which should appeal to a sizable demographic of collectors.

Over at Wonder Festival Winter 2015, they’ve revealed two figures under the Vulcanlog line. The first is GoShogun which is set for release this May and the second has finally made its colored prototype debut. Coming from Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos is Baikanfu and is one of those robot within a robot, within a robot type of deals. This figure obviously won’t have the same gimmick unlike the Soul of Chogokin release but is compensated with great articulation and proportions.

Wonder Festival Winter 2016 - Sen-Ti-Nel Moving over to RIOBOT, one of their more established lines, on display were a couple of figures as well, though one piqued the particular interest of this collector.

Now this is Buranki "Oumai", hailing from Bubuki Buranki which only premiered last January. As of this post, Bubuki Buranki is only four episodes in and there’s still a lot of story stuff to be revealed. And while this isn’t technically a mecha-centric series, there are some robots involved which includes the one seen here.

RIOBOT Buranki "Oumai" was designed by T-REX and will be released this September for ¥17,000.


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