BLOG: Now There’s Your Problem… Do You Wanna Rebake?

Now There's Your Problem - Do You Wanna Rebake? Ever since pre-orders were opened for an HG IBA "New MS B" kit, speculations were everywhere as what mobile suit this is supposed to be. Earlier on, a rumor for a Gundam Gusion Rebake surfaced, which was shot down by some though in the end, it was actually the correct name.

The latest episode of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS also addressed why this guy looks very similar to the Gundam Barbatos. Aside from sharing the same Gundam Frame, the Gusion Rebake is using spare parts intended for the Barbatos. So while this is technically a variation of the Gusion, it can easily pass as a Full Armor Barbatos or something. Still on the fence on whether to get the kit or not but if it’s the former, will probably paint the flesh parts with light gray for that Full Armor color scheme.

Lastly, what’s with the name? Rebake? Should Biscuit Griffon pilot this thing?


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