BLOG: HGBF Cathedral Gundam – Completed Build

HGBF Cathedral Gundam - Completed Build Build has been completed for the HGBF Cathedral Gundam and for a first repaint work, this collector is quite satisfied on how everything turned out.

That said, there were a couple areas that still needed improvement, most notable being the ability to put panel lines on painted areas. The initial approach was to use Tamiya’s Panel Line Accent Marker on the painted surface since the former is enamel-based while the paint was lacquer-based (at least that’s what this collector thought). However, cleaning up the panel lines with enamel thinner also damages the paint underneath. Expert modelers are probably yelling that an initial gloss top coat would solve this. Will probably try that when it’s time to apply the "Reverse Wash Technique".

On and that’s two kits in two weeks.


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