BLOG: Macross Delta – Mission 0.89 Special Preview

Macross Delta - Mission 0.89 Special Preview Before 2015 ended a special preview episode for the upcoming Macross Delta series aired. It was tagged as ‘Mission 0.89’ which is probably like episode 0.89 before the actual first episode debuts this Spring.

The series is set 8 years after Macross Frontier, and unlike it or Macross 7, events are taking place in an actual planet instead of an colonization fleet. Won’t be delving much on what happens in the episode but there’s a right mix of familiar Macross stuff as well as new concepts to keep everything fresh. And as seen from the image, doing the music now is an idol group rather than a single singer.

So yeah, definitely looking forward to watching this series since unlike Gundam, it’s not that often that a Macross series is produced.


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