BLOG: TRANSFORMERS Masterpiece Optimus Primal – Initial Render Designs

Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Primal - Initial Render Designs Back in June, it was announced that the first Transformers Masterpiece figure outside of the Generation 1 continuity (yes, including the Japanese ones) will be Optimus Primal from Beast Wars TRANSFORMERS. Now the Masterpiece line is known for their clever transformation and attention to detail, which are evident in the releases so far. This leads many to question as to how Beast Wars characters will be represented in figure form as their alternate modes aren’t vehicles but are actual animals, skin and all. Would Cheetor have fur to mimic his real life counterpart?

Well Cheetor’s case would be for another time, but this is how they’ll approach Optimus Primal. It looks like they’ll stick to how the character was rendered in CG back in the day. This would mean accuracy to the animation model but not so much to the actual animals these characters transform into. Now these are really early CG render designs and may still change as the production of the figure continues but this should give a better idea as to how these characters will be approached.


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