BLOG: Reformatted SERAPHICUS PROMINION (Nova Prime) – Colored Test Shot

Reformatted SERAPHICUS PROMINION (Nova Prime) - Test Shots In late 2013, MakeToys suddenly dropped pre-orders on their site exclusive Hyper Novae (i.e. Nova Prime). The figure is gorgeous yet it’s totally unannounced drop meant little to no time in preparing the necessary monetary allocation. It also doesn’t help that it goes at ridiculous prices on the aftermarket nowadays.

Here’s a chance to change that with Mastermind Creations’ take on the character — Seraphicus Prominion. Similar to Hyper Novae, this figure will also have three forms progressing from the base robot mode from the cab to the full Nova Prime look with the trailer. More images can be found on the group’s Facebook page linked below.


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