BLOG: Tamashii Nation 2015 – Super Robot Chogokin

Tamashii Nation 2015 - Super Robot Chogokin Tamashii Nation 2015 is an annual event featuring current and upcoming releases from Bandai Collectors Division. It will be from October 30 – November 1, 2015 at UDX 2F AKIBA_SQUARE / BELLESALLE Akihabara. [Official Website]

If years of Tamashii Nation teases are to be based upon, these displays are technically vaporware unless they have confirmed release dates. That said, this collector is seriously hoping that these four Super Robot Chogokin displays get the light of day be actually released.

Well Giant Robo was already on display a couple of years ago so it’s chances are up there. Then there’s Gravion, which until this point, has appeared in figure form once — in the GN-U DOU line — from the company formerly known as Yamato.

Tamashii Nation 2015 - Super Robot Chogokin Talk about a mix between a classic and a contemporary (sort of) robot as these two are added to the potential release candidates. First is Kotetsu Jeeg, based off the original design and not the modern imagining. Bandai did release its modern counterpart, Kotetsushin Jeeg, in the Soul of Chogokin line albeit having this magnetic joint gimmick to its detriment. Here’s hoping that the figure, if it gets an actual release, won’t be the same. Also teased is a Jeeg Option Set which includes various weapons and its robot steed, Panzeroid.

Then there’s Godannar, not the most popular of modern super robots but does have a great design very fitting for a figure in the line. Note that this is the ‘Twin Drive’ configuration which is composed of two robots, Dannar and Neo-Okusaer.


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