BLOG: "Clash of the Transformers" Warrior Class MEGATRONUS

"Clash of the Transformers" Warrior Class MEGATRONUS Rumors of a Warrior class Megatronus figure has been circulating for quite a while and how Hasbro finally confirms it through Hasbro Pulse.

Most of the figures in the Clash of the Transformers wave are just recolors though one is of particular interest to this collector, well actually two but the other is also a recolor. Megatronus appears in the closing episodes of TRANSFORMERS Robots in Disguise and is possibly the only new mold included in this wave.

Now while this collector is mainly interested in getting Optimus Prime figures, this has now expanded to include the Thirteen to which Megatronus, and an incoming third-party Solus Prime figure, are members.


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