BLOG: Because Bros need no Beam Weapons!

Because Bros need no Beam Weapons! Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS made its worldwide premiere (yes, it even has available subs for our local dialect) a couple of hours ago and it looks very promising. For starters, it has a fresh start by avoiding the earth-versus-colonies cliche and immediately grounding the plot on Mars.

Animation is great as expected, especially in the last battle scene, but what captivates more are the characters, the titular "orphans". They give off this heavy sense of ‘bro-manship’ that allows the audience to easily sympathize with their situation. That said, Mikazuki Augus starts off akin to Setsuna F. Seiei though he’s pretty sure to grow in character as episodes pass.

Here’s to hoping that it will erase the bad taste that GUNDAM Reconguista in G left. Oh and Biscuit Griffon isn’t as useless as how his character design looks.


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