BLOG: Max Factory – PLAMAX 1/12 Frontier Setter

Max Factory - PLAMAX 1/12 Frontier Setter Good Smile Company currently has a triad of releases tied to the 2014 feature Expelled From Paradise. This includes GSA New Arhan, figma Angela Balzac, and PLAMAX Frontier Setter.

While figmas are technically non-scale figures, this 1/12 model kit fits perfectly in scale with the upcoming Angela Balzac release. The kit is snap fit and comes molded in color though it does come with stickers for those finer details (hopefully NOT as sticker-heavy as PLAMAX Bravenwolf X). It will also include an alternate red head part which when used requires painting the kit in a darker color scheme.

  • PLAMAX 1/12 Frontier Setter
    Release Information: May 2016 · ¥3,982
    Article via Good Smile Company

Those hollow parts look really bad though, time to learn how to use putty.


2 responses

  1. Cool bots and Angela looks smexy.

    2016.07.04 at 3:05 AM

  2. She has the fighting props too.

    2016.07.04 at 1:38 PM

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