BLOG: 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show – Gunpla

55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show - Gunpla The 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show is Japan’s premier showcase of upcoming hobby and model-related products. It went from Sept. 25 to 27 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. [Official Website]

When the MG Victory Gundam Ver.Ka was released back in 2009, many were already thrilled with the possibility of a Victory 2 Gundam release. However Bandai took five years before getting the mid-season upgrade out.

Like the MG of its predecessor, the Victory 2 Gundam can also split and transform into three components. Unfortunately the set won’t include any ‘Wings of Light’ effect parts and will be Bandai Hobby Online Shop exclusives. The next thing to look forward to are the Assault and Buster option parts, whenever those may be.

  • MG Victory 2 Gundam Ver.Ka
    Release Information: Dec. 2015 · ¥4,500

55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show - Gunpla The other kit to look forward to this winter is the Wing Gundam EW as it joins the Real Grade line. Some are excited by this while others aren’t because it’s just another variant of the Wing Gundam Zero EW. Regardless, this further pushes the possibility of the getting Real Grades for the ‘Operation Meteor’ Gundams.

Aside from colors, the major difference between this one and its angel-winged upgrade is the ability to transform into Bird Mode. Now transforming Real Grade kits aren’t exactly the best thing in the world but compared to the Zeta Gundam, this transformation is simple enough to give stability issues.

  • RG Wing Gundam EW
    Release Information: Jan. 2016 · ¥2,500
55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show - Gunpla This collector personally thinks that between the Gundam Amazing Exia and the Gundam Exia Dark Matter, the former looks better. As to why Bandai prefers to release the latter first or makes it the one available in retail is beyond this collector.

Fortunately they didn’t do it with the HGBF release but they are making the Master Grade an online exclusive. Details for this guy isn’t up on their site yet but they’ll start taking reservations at the Gunpla Expo World Tour 2015 Japan this November.

  • MG Gundam Amazing Exia
    Release Information: ¥5,000

Images via AmiAmi Hobby News


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