BLOG: FansProject Function-X9 POSITUM (Alligatorcon)

FansProject Function-X9 POSITUM (Alligatorcon) As far as this writer is concerned, he considers himself as a very casual Transformer collector, quite selective and picky of what to purchase. So it’s not often that something piques the interest of this collector, which includes this one.

A couple of weeks ago, FansProject revealed Function-X8 Crox. And around 2012, they actually teased an Optimus Prime recolor of this guy, a homage to that one G1 episode where the Decepticons dissected him and reassembled as Alligatorcon. Being a collector of Optimus Prime, especially the more niche stuff, this would be really interesting. Now this collector isn’t really familiar with how FansProject works with recolors as some say that these are mostly event exclusives. Hopefully one of the many online Transformer-specific stores would carry this guy.


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