BLOG: HGBF Kamiki Burning Gundam – Box Art

HGBF Kamiki Burning Gundam - Box Art Here’s another random-not-so-random story that’s connected to the HGBF Kamiki Burning Gundam. Because it’s hard to think of stuff to write along images of box arts.

Both the Build and Try Burning Gundams had this gimmick of parts-swapping the clear blue parts with clear red ones for the Burning Burst System, and this collector isn’t really a fan of it. As such, the plan is to get two copies of each kit, one to be built as normal while the other with the aforementioned system active.

Fortunately the same won’t be done with the Kamiki Burning Gundam as no clear red parts are included. So the CATALOGUE only needs another copy of the HGBF Build Burning Gundam, two for the HGBF Try Burning Gundam and one HGBF Kamiki Burning Gundam.


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