BLOG: Wonder Festival Summer 2015 – PLAMAX 1/12 Frontier Setter

Max Factory - PLAMAX 1/12 Frontier Setter The 2014 animated feature Expelled From Paradise seems to be gaining steam recently if appearances at Wonder Festival Summer 2015 is used as basis. Though this presence is mostly through various merchandise of the heroine Angela Balzac or the machine she uses, Arhan.

Max Factory seems to have noticed this and decided to include Frontier Setter in their PLAMAX line. He’s initially introduced as the villain and the reason behind Angela’s mission on Earth. Turns out he’s actually a good (and quirky) guy as evident in his robotic form.

The prototype kit looks good detail-wise though it also has hollow parts that need to be filled up. No release dates as of yet though this is a good companion piece to the upcoming Variable Action New Arhan.


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