BLOG: Wonder Festival Summer 2015 – Sen-Ti-Nel

Wonder Festival Summer 2015 - Sen-Ti-Nel Here’s another set of new products reveals from the recently concluded Wonder Festival Summer 2015, this time from Sen-Ti-Nel, the company that everyone’s into nowadays. For starters, they’re expanding their METAMOR-FORCE line with two more figures based on the works of Go Nagai.

First is Mazinkaiser, which is kind of weird that they went with this guy straight ahead instead of going through Mazinger Z/Great Mazinger first. But then again, there are already millions of Mazinger Z figures out there so that’s pretty much understandable.

Beside Mazinkaiser is Govarian from Psycho Armor Govarian, a lesser known Go Nagai work. Now based on this prototype, it looks like Govarian splits into a couple of component machines. Oh and that head totally looks like Mazinger Z.

Wonder Festival Summer 2015 - Sen-Ti-Nel Just to continue that train of thought, still on the fence of the METAMOR-FORCE line because of CATALOGUE size constraints. But then again, it looks like Dino Getter 1 and the upcoming Gaiking the Knight figures can fit. Will have to check more reviews once the latter is out.

Now pardon the cat-looking Danboard in the image but this one has piqued this collector’s interest. Seen here is the Metal Gear ST-84 from the upcoming game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It differs from Metal Gear REX by featuring two hands, a rib cage, two missile launchers, and a head designed to resemble a Sahelanthropus skull.

Here’s hoping that this guy has a size along the lines of this other guy.


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