BLOG: Wonder Festival Summer 2015 – Kotobukiya

Wonder Festival Summer 2015 - Kotobukiya The second Wonder Festival of the year just happened and to be honest, the displays didn’t really do much for this collector though there are definitely some notable ones. And here are a couple of those from Kotobukiya.

As much as Kotobukiya makes great model kits, they often size up better with 1/100 Gunpla, and as such are quite large for the CATALOGUE. The same is probably true with their rendition of the Formula, one of the primary machines (or Skells) in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

The Formula is a light frame Skell that can transform into a two-wheeled motorcycle-like vehicle to which this model kit faithfully replicates. No release information has been revealed as of yet.

Wonder Festival Summer 2015 - Kotobukiya Now here’s something that’s more in tune with the size qualifications of the CATALOGUE. With Murasame Liger, the first in the Zoids Aggressive line, set for an October release, Kotobukiya decides to show the next one.

Naturally they’ll follow Murasame Liger with its first evolution, the Hayate Liger. It will likely share the same core body as its predecessor but with a different set of armor and weapons.

Will yet have to see how Zoids Aggressive figures fare once the Murasame Liger is released this October.


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