BLOG: HG Gundam Barbatos – Colored Prototype Shots

HG Gundam Barbatos - Colored Prototype Shots A couple of months before Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS hits the air, pre-orders for the initial Gunpla have now opened. These give a better idea of any new engineering the kits might have, at least based on looks.

Being a High Grade, not all parts will come in correct colors unlike Real Grades. That said, here’s hoping that those vent parts are molded in the correct colors. Though those in the head unit would likely need some coat of paint, as well as those red markings which will probably be colored via foil seals. It also looks quite articulated as the armor doesn’t seem to be obstructive, hopefully including the shoulders.

Must finish the G-Self kits before starting this.


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