BLOG: RG Wing Gundam Zero EW – Work in Progress #1

RG Wing Gundam Zero EW - Work in Progress #1 So here’s a surprise, this is actually the first Real Grade that this collector has built. Yup, been getting them since the first release yet only managed to build one today. As such, some aspects of the RG Wing Gundam Zero EW caught this collector by surprise.

For starters, didn’t know that the placement of the ‘realistic decals’ were placed at the last page. As such, none were placed on the leg units as they’ve been top coated already. Will just instead place them on the blue parts. Second, haven’t built a kit with an internal frame prior to this, especially those with shifting armors. So top coating this guy required planning so that all exposed areas are coated accordingly.

Though the parts separation to get those multiple shades is indeed excellent. Will definitely look forward to building Real Grades once this guy is finished.


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