BLOG: BotCon 2015 – TRANSFORMERS Generations Combiner Wars

Botcon2015 - TRANSFORMERS Generations Combiner Wars BotCon 2015 is the official annual convention of Transformers fans and collectors held from June 19-21, 2015 at Pheasant Run Resort in St.Charles, Illinois. [Official Website]

The Transformers Collectors Club (TFCC) held the annual BotCon last weekend and along with it are a slew of announcements for upcoming 2016 releases.

Majority of the 2016 releases will still be under the Combiner Wars banner, which at this point are mostly retools and redecos of existing molds. That said, there are still some that came from left field, a perfect example being Sky Lynx.

Sky Lynx will be part of the 2016 Wave 2 releases and forms the torso of Sky Reign, along with Hound, Smokescreen, Trailbreaker, and Wheeljack — all four also from the same wave.

Botcon2015 - TRANSFORMERS Generations Combiner Wars The combiners just keep on going as Hasbro also released official images, albeit CG renders, of another combiner joining the foray — Bruticus.

To those who felt that the earlier Combaticons releases based off their TRANSFORMERS Fall of Cybertron incarnations didn’t gave the characters justice, here’s another shot to get them.

The membership of the Combaticons remain faithful to the Generation 1 fiction — with Onslaught, Swindle, Blast Off, and Vortex being remolds of existing figures while Brawl will be an entirely new mold.

Botcon2015 - TRANSFORMERS Generations Combiner Wars Finally is the Optimus Prime/Ultra Prime retool that has been teased and leaked for quite some time. The Wave 1 Optimus Prime figure will be retooled as the primarily white Battle Core Optimus Prime to form the torso of Optimus Maximus. Oddly enough, the color scheme is quite similar to that of Nova Prime.

Forming the rest of the combiner will be Mirage, Prowl, Sunstreaker, and Ironhide — all of which are also retools of previously released figures.

Oh and no information nor images of the fan-built combiner Victorion were released during the convention.


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