BLOG: Bandai Hobby – Choujigen Henkei FrameRobo

Bandai Hobby - "Super-Dimensional Deformation Frame Robo" With the International Tokyo Toy Show 2015 just around the corner, Bandai Hobby has released a press release for a new product that will supposedly take the assembly of plastic model kits beyond.

Google Translated as "Super-Dimensional Deformation Frame Robo", The Choujigen Henkei FrameRobo line will feature kits that come as a pre-assembled frame and can be folded into either Frame Form, Weapon Form, or Robo Form. No excess plastic will be left as all parts of the frame are used. No tools required for assembly as well.

Three variants — Gaia Frame, Mars Frame, and Mercury Frame — will be released by September at ¥500 each.


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