BLOG: HGBF Denial Gundam – Box Art (and More)

HGBF Denial Gundam - Box Art (and More) Was gushing over the HGBF Denial Gundam this past weekend thanks to a couple of straight out-of-the-box build images from Gundam Build Fighters/Try mechanical designer NAOKI. But more on that later as a new wave of box arts from upcoming kits were released, including this one.

For those who don’t know, the Denial Gundam actually has its roots from the manga side story Gundam Build Fighters Try Amazing where it was built by Meijin Kawaguchi the 2nd as the NK-13 Cathedral Gundam. It has a generally white and gold color scheme and doesn’t have clear parts to store Plavsky Particles. Here’s hoping that Bandai releases the Cathedral Gundam as a Hobby Online Shop exclusive or something.

  • HGBF Denial Gundam
    Release Information: May 2015 · ¥1,800
    Pre-order via Hobby Search

<td class="blogimg more"HGBF Denial Gundam - Box Art (and More)
Here’s the couple of images that NAOKI shared via Twitter showing how the HGBF Denial Gundam will come out of the box. Been hemming and hawing on whether to paint this guy with a lighter shade of gray or something but finally decided to keep its original colors.

It also shows that connecting the included effect parts doesn’t warrant that much parts swapping unlike the Build/Try Burning Gundam. So yeah, no need to get two copies of this guy.

The HGBF Denial Gundam will be available on May 21 for ¥1,800.


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