BLOG: Good Smile Online Shop Exclusive – Figma Iron Man Mark XXI "Midas"

Figma Iron Man Mark XXI "Midas" Similar to what Kaiyodo did with their Iron Man Mark VII release, Good Smile Company is also doing a repaint of their Figma Iron Man Mark VII as the "Midas" Armor which is essentially a two-tone gold repaint of the former.

However, unlike Kaiyodo, Good Smile is going to release the Figma Iron Man Mark XXI as a Good Smile Online Shop Exclusive. The figure will come with blast effect parts as well as replacement open panel parts.

The Japanese pre-order page is already up though it is yet to be known if an English page will be up as well or everyone just has to order from the Japanese site. Pre-order period is from March 17 to 9 PM JST of April 15.

  • Figma Iron Man Mark XXI "Midas"
    Release Information: July 2015 · ¥8,148
    Article via Good Smile Company

UPDATE: According to GSC Customer Support, Figma Iron Man Mark XXI will not be released for overseas online purchase due to licensing issues. So yeah, looks like this will be another one for the middleman guys.


2 responses

  1. Richard Anthony Pointer

    This looks awesome, Figmas are excellent stuff, I recently purchased the Guyver model and was amazed at the detail.

    2015.03.18 at 4:39 PM

  2. Yeah, makes it more unfortunate that this is a Japanese exclusive.

    2015.03.19 at 3:16 AM

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