BLOG: Nostalgia Trip!

Nostalgia Trip! Aside from a couple of friends celebrating their birthdays, March 6 is a memorable date for western mecha/anime aficionados.

New Mobile Report Gundam W (or Mobile Suit Gundam W as it was released) went on air in the US on March 6, 2000 and while not the best Gundam series, it gave the franchise a boost in exposure thanks to its visuals and narrative. At the same time, Bandai introduced their long running plastic model line, along with cheesy commercials (LOL levels).

Fifteen years on, and while the brand is not as mainstream as it was before, Gundam is gaining momentum through its distribution over new media platforms. It also helps that Bandai/Sunrise has a more global approach on the franchise then before, allowing more to have access to both content and merchandising.


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