BLOG: Through the Eyes of "Blue-Eyed Casval"

Hot Guntank to Guntank action!

Went to the theater earlier for a local screening of Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN I, Blue-Eyed Casval, and it was great. Not the best but definitely sets up the characters of Char Aznable/Sayla Mass and how everything began.

It is not as serious as Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn but tells a serious story of how a family fell apart due to politics and an impending war. These light moments were directly pulled from the manga and didn’t feel out of place. Ramba Ral and Hamon were definitely a treat along with Artesia and how her innocence is steadily being tainted with the horrors of war.

Oh and there weren’t really much mobile suit battles apart from the opening act and these Guntank enounters, with the former placed primarily to sell that new HG Zaku II.

The story continues with Artesia’s Sorrow this autumn.


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