BLOG: Box Art Extravaganza Sieben

Box Art Extravaganza Sieben It’s the Master Grade that everyone’s been waiting for, in the display that everyone will likely go for. Headlining this batch of box art reveals is the MG Gundam Double X in all its deployed Twin Satellite Cannon glory.

As a bonus, this kit has been loaded with hardpoints to be compatible with the old HG 1/100 G-Falcon set. There are also rumors floating around that Bandai will be re-releasing this old kit with additional marking seals as a Bandai Hobby Online Shop exclusive. Though until an official announcement has been made, treat this bit with a grain of salt.

  • MG Gundam Double X
    Release Information: March 2015 · ¥4,500

Oh and in before Bandai announces the MG Gundam X Divider as a web exclusive.

Box Art Extravaganza Sieben Bandai has started their twin releases of kits coming from the Gundam Build Fighters side stories, with the HGBF Hi-Nu Gundam Vrabe going on retail in February. Following this is the HGBF Wing Gundam Zero Honoo from Gundam Build Fighters Honoo Tri.

Thanks to its whole flaming motif, the Wing Gundam Zero Honoo will be a great display companion with the Build/Try Burning Gundam and its Burning Burst System plus all those flame effect parts. That would be so hot.

Hahaha… Haha… Ha… Huh~

  • HGBF Wing Gundam Zero Honoo
    Release Information: March 2015 · ¥1,800

Speaking of side story units, this collector hopes that Bandai would also release a Cathedral Gundam kit from Gundam Build Fighters A. It would technically be just a retool of the yet to be released HGBF Denial Gundam.

Box Art Extravaganza Sieben Still another High Grade Build Fighters kit, this time around is the very graceful mobile suit used by Shia Kijima — the Gundam Portent.

The word "portent" can mean two things: [1] A sign or warning that something, especially something momentous or calamitous, is likely to happen — or [2] an exceptional or wonderful person or thing. Well the mobile suit is described as beautiful and at the same time, is a sign to its victory and the enemy’s demise.

Was initially thinking of repainting this to a color scheme similar to the 00-Qan[T] but the design doesn’t appeal much now as it did before, at least to this collector.

  • HGBF Gundam Portent
    Release Information: March 2015 · ¥1,800
Box Art Extravaganza Sieben Just love how the previous HGBF box arts look very consistent with the HGUC ones, and unlike the other HG lines from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 or GUNDAM Reconguista in G. Anyway, going back to put the ‘Multiple’ in Multiple Mobile Suit is the HGUC V-Dash Gundam.

As previously mentioned, this kit comes with parts to build the V-Dash Gundam or the V-Dash Gundam Hexa. And with this collector’s disdain for parts-swapping, he would want to have separate kits for each, as well we the Victory Gundam and Victory Gundam Hexa. This would mean getting three (?) copies of this HGUC kit, two of which are just for the spare head, and another HGUC Victory Gundam for the Hexa variant.

  • HGUC V-Dash Gundam
    Release Information: March 2015 · ¥1,800
Box Art Extravaganza Sieben This is original Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino’s testament to the deconstruction of the franchise. By giving the ‘Gundam’ moniker to a mono-eyed mobile suit that doesn’t look like a Gundam in any way that people start calling it the new Qubeley or something.

The G-Lucifer recently just made its debut in GUNDAM Reconguista in G and was Gundam-jacked by Manny Ambassada of all people. So it’s still up in the air if it will play a villainous role or not. It also doesn’t help that it’s flying together with the G-Self and G-Arcane in this box art.

The design alone isn’t really bad, and is in fact starting to grow on this collector. But it’s still hemming and hawing at this point.

  • HG Gundam G-Lucifer
    Release Information: March 2015 · ¥2,000

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