BLOG: Now There’s Your Problem… Denied!

Now There's Your Problem... Denied! Here’s another mobile suit that will easily fit with what this collector calls as "Gray’s Gundams".

The series finally introduces Junya Inose, a Gunpla fighter who previously trained with Sekai Kamiki under the same master (who everyone wanted to be Domon Kasshu). He also uses this totally bad ass Gunpla called the Denial Gundam that apparently has the same particle storage system as the Try/Build Burning Gundam.

Okay, will just get this out of the way. This design is so awesome! Will immediately pre-order this guy once Bandai decides to release an HGBF kit, which they surely would. And that name, like the Transient Gundam, is so good — unlike the Try Burning (a) Gundam.


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