BLOG: TRANSFORMERS Generations "Combiner Wars" – Constructicons

TRANSFORMERS Generations "Combiner Wars" - Constructicons So while Titan Class Devastator was leaked during the Nuremberg Toy Fair, Hasbro managed to keep the individual Constructicons in secret until their proper reveal during the recently concluded New York Toy Fair.

Unlike the Aerialbots, Stunticons, and the upcoming Protectobots, each Constructicon figure is a Voyager class figure and doesn’t have the Scramble City gimmick. Upon reveal, many immediately took notice Long Haul’s proportions and how Scrapper, being a modern figure, has no elbow articulation.

Devastator will be available as a single gift set, standing at roughly 450mm when combined.

  • TRANSFORMERS Generations
    “Combiner Wars” DEVASTATOR

    Release Information: Fall 2015 · $149.99
    Images via Transformers World 2005

TRANSFORMERS Generations "Combiner Wars" - Constructicons Also revealed is the next combiner team to follow the Aerialbots/Superion and Stunticons/Menasor for the 2015 Combiner Wars line up. Unlike waves 1 and 2, wave 3 will contain the full Protectobots set to form Defensor.

The limb bots still retain their Scramble City gimmick, allowing one to customize their combiners with previous figures.

  • TRANSFORMERS Generations
    “Combiner Wars” HOT SPOT

    Release Information: Spring 2015 · $24.99
  • TRANSFORMERS Generations
    “Combiner Wars” STREETWISE
    Release Information: Spring 2015 · $16.99

Images via Transformers World 2005


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