BLOG: Kotobukiya – Murasame Liger 1/100 Scale Full Action Figure

Kotobukiya - 1/100 Murasame Liger Just a couple of days after being revealed in Wonder Festival Winter 2015, Kotobukiya has updated their site with more prototype shots of upcoming 1/100 Murasame Liger action figure, including a 360° rotating view.

According to the site, it’s been two years since Kotobukiya released a completely new Zoids mold, the HMM Gojulas, and they want to follow that up with this figure. Made from ABS & POM, they wanted to exceed the durability of HMM models with more poseability and play value, all in the smaller, collector-oriented 1/100 scale.

This will be the first for Kotobukiya’s still unnamed action figure line, joining the ranks of Bandai’s ROBOT Damashii and MegaHouse’s Variable Action lines. Murasame Liger is set for a 2015 release.


5 responses

  1. So this is just a new model release, they aren’t making another Zoids series?

    2015.03.16 at 2:03 AM

  2. There’s no new Zoids series for the time being, though this is the first collector-oriented representation of the Murasame Liger so this is quite the treat.

    2015.03.16 at 10:47 AM

  3. I see, thank you for clarifying. Do you think they will make another zoids series in the future? I really enjoyed Zoids: Chaotic Century and it would be nice to have another Zoids series like that.

    2015.03.16 at 8:03 PM

  4. Not really sure on the new series, though Zoids is kind of having a resurgence thanks to this upcoming product, as well as the freshly announced Masterpiece Shield Liger from Takara Tomy.

    2015.03.16 at 8:44 PM

  5. Thank you. I’m glad Zoids is having a resurgence and that Takara Tomy is making a new model of the Shield Liger. The Shield Liger is one of my favorite Zoids. I even wrote a post about it not too long ago (I write posts about Zoids occasionally, not the models but the machines as they are presented in the series). Well, with no new series out yet, I will just have to keep enjoying Chaotic Century. That won’t be hard!

    2015.03.17 at 5:42 AM

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