BLOG: Wonder Festival Winter 2015 – Sen-Ti-Nel

Wonder Festival Winter 2015 - Sen-Ti-Nel Another company that immediately gets the spotlight during Wonder Festival is Sen-Ti-Nel. Their releases have maintain this high standard that has set the bar for most collectors nowadays. They also take quite the creative liberties to the properties that they possess, making each release unique and novel without being too much ‘out there’.

Such property is Iron Man to which they did excellent releases under the RE:EDIT IRON MAN and Armorize lines. For today’s show floor, they have on display the current and future RE:EDIT IRON MAN releases, including the comic book Hulkbuster Armor probably capitalizing on the hype from AVENGERS Age of Ultron. Also there is the Extremis Armor which they previously released as part of the Armorize line.

Really wish these were 6-inch scale figures.

Wonder Festival Winter 2015 - Sen-Ti-Nel Aside from Iron Man, Sen-Ti-Nel has a lot of other stuff on display, from RIOBOT to Metamor-Force, as well as the ULTRAMAN Powered Suit for their new 12′ Hero’s Meister line.

That said, shown here are two particular posters caught this collector’s attention. Can only identify one (i.e. GoShogun on the left) but both are under the "Vulcanlog x Sen-Ti-Nel" banner. Now what’s interesting is that Vulcanlog is subtitled with ‘Revoltech Inheritance’.

Not sure how trademarks work in Japan but does this ‘Revoltech’ pertain to the Kaiyodo figures or this is another thing that coincidentally uses the same word?

This is probably just reading too much on this subtitle, but we’re all free to speculate here.


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