BLOG: Wonder Festival Winter 2015 – Good Smile Company & Max Factory

Wonder Festival Winter 2015 - Good Smile Company & Max Factory Two of the most dominant companies in every Wonder Festival event are Max Factory and Good Smile Company. What’s better is that they’re actively expanding their figure coverage to mecha, increasing their target demographic outside of the usual anime girl figures.

First is the Tsugumori and the Type 18 from Knights of Sidonia under the figma line. These have been revealed some time ago though no release or pricing information has been revealed.

The next one is quite a surprise. Ever since NECA announced that they got the Pacific Rim license, many have been clamoring for another company to take the property as well. Max Factory answers these calls with their 1/350 scale Pacific Rim model kit line up. So if Gipsy Danger stands at 79m, a 1/350 scale model would stand at 226mm. Unfortunately this is too big for the CATALOGUE so it’s a likely pass but it’s great knowing that there’s an alternative to NECA’s offerings.


2 responses

  1. Cool models. I like the Sidonia one.

    2015.02.27 at 12:54 AM

  2. Can’t wait to know when they’ll actually release this guy, they’ve been teasing it for quite a while now.

    2015.02.27 at 2:02 PM

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