BLOG: Aura Battler Collection Plan – ROBOT Damashii Route

ROBOT Damashii <Side AB> Dunbine & ROBOT Damashii <Side AB> Billbine [Camouflage Color Ver.]

The CATALOGUE has always had a ‘Plamo-First Policy’ when it comes to various mecha series. However, this mostly applies to Gundam as the others are better represented by figures, newer figures.

Take Aura Battler Dunbine as example. Got the HGAB Dunbine kit back in 2011 thinking as this immediately completes the collection. Unbeknownst to this collector, Dunbine was replaced by Billbine as the mid-season upgrade. Did some research on the HGAB Billbine and found out that it wasn’t that great.

Fortunately, Bandai is reissuing ROBOT Damashii Dunbine by mid 2015 and opening the figure route for these Aura Battlers. As for Billbine, its original design has gaudy colors which was later changed for a more subdued palette. Unfortunately, this was a Tamashii Web Exclusive. So yeah, after market prices it is.


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