BLOG: Plastic Crack – W.H.A.M.! 1/5000 SDF-1 Macross

This is Plastic Crack – posts, usually of video reviews, that continuously stimulate the collector passion through demonstration of a figure’s features. More importantly, these mainly comprise of items in the CATALOGUE wishlist.

The thing about the SDF-1 from Super Dimensional Fortress Macross is that it is a very huge piece of machinery that most, if not all, available models/figures are too large for the CATALOGUE.

Apparently, Wave managed to get the goldilocks scale with its W.H.A.M.! 1/5000 rendition of the SDF-1. TV and movie versions were released with both sharing the same engineering, as well as issues. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be quite hard to get a hold of this figure nowadays.


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