BLOG: Now There’s Your Problem… Red Warrior!

Now There's Your Problem... Red Warrior! On a cold and dark day of battle comes this shining beacon of light, bringing warmth back to the lifeless. And from it descends a silhouette, with blood fueled by passion and burning spirit. A crimson machine, the legendary Gunpla… Perfect Gundam III… Red Warrior!

Despite its cheesiness, that has got to be an entrance filled with raw and unadulterated awesomeness! Eleven episodes in and the stakes are finally high for Team Try Fighters, only to be halted by Meijin Kawaguchi III and his Gundam Amazing Red Warrior.

It also seems that some mid-season upgrades are now necessary. Things are finally getting more exciting!

  • Gundam Build Fighters Try #11
    "Nielsen Labs"
    Available via YouTube

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