BLOG: Dragon Momoko – MG Strike Gundam with PG Details

Dragon Momoko - MG Strike Gundam with PG Details Apparently, Dragon Momoko is making their own retooling of the MG (Aile) Strike Gundam Ver.RM. As seen in these released images, they’re comparing it side-by-side with Bandai’s original release, the one on the right.

Both look quite the same at first glance, but further inspection reveals that the Dragon Momoko one has more details than Bandai’s. That’s because the former has design elements from the Perfect Grade injected for their smaller 1/100 scale kit.

Of course it won’t have all the gimmicks that made the PG Strike Gundam one of the best kits released, but they’re definitely going for that look.


2 responses

  1. mikazuki

    Would Dragon Momoko Sword and Launcher packs fit with the Bandai Strike Gundam?

    2016.12.04 at 10:17 AM

  2. I’m not actually sure. The Dragon Momoko kit seemed to be a downscale of the Perfect Grade and while it may look similar to the Bandai MG, there will definitely be some modifications to match.

    2016.12.04 at 6:06 PM

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