BLOG: Sen-Ti-Nel Ma.K.DANBOARD with Yotsuba/SNOWMAN & S.A.F.S.Love

Sen-Ti-Nel Ma.K.DANBOARD with Yotsuba/SNOWMAN & S.A.F.S.Love Sen-Ti-Nel has added two more variants for their Yotsuba and Maschinen Krieger crossover, taking from a couple of popular S.A.F.S. variant.

#005 S.A.F.S.Love is very much like the regular S.A.F.S. variant except that all the markings that look like ‘6’ are replaced by hearts instead. Yup, that’s some Maschinen Krieger dosage of love.

#006 SNOWMAN with Yotsuba is like the NORMAL variant that it comes with Yotsuba and Duralumin figures. The main difference is that the design is derived from a popular S.A.F.S. variant, SNOWMAN.

  • Ma.K.DANBOARD #005 S.A.F.S.Love
    Release Information: Feb. 2015 · ¥4,860
    Release Information: Feb. 2015 · ¥4,860

Images via Sen-Ti-Nel on Twitter


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