BLOG: HG Gaeon – Prototype Shots

HG Gaeon - Prototype Shots After some confusion as to how its name (ジャイオーン) will be romanized, the guys at Gundam.Info on Facebook shed some light by releasing prototype shots of this cool-looking mobile suit.

It is called the Gaeon and it looks like, as they call it in the series, a G-type mobile suit. Though, it doesn’t have the same optics as the G-Self/G-Arcane and more of resembles those of the Jahannam. It also gives that enemy G-type mobile suit vibe.

And as seen in the last Gunpla Expo, its backpack can do all sorts of wonders, from generating multiple beam sabers, to transforming to a hand-like structure. However, buying this will depend on what role it serves in the series.


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