BLOG: Box Art Extravaganza Fünf

Box Art Extravaganza Fünf Time to go German once again as here’s another round of model kit box art appreciation.

While under the pretense that this kit would go well with the HGUC Silver Bullet, and the ROBOT Damashii Gundam Mk-V EFF Colors to an extent, this collector is still very much on the fence of actually getting this guy. Will probably look for a couple of reviews first before making a purchase decision.

The HGBF Gundam Ez-SR set allows one of the three Team SRCC mobile suits — the Ez-SR Intruder, Ez-SR Eliminator, and Ez-SR Shadow Phantom — to be built.

  • HGBF Gundam Ez-SR
    Release Information: Nov. 2014 · ¥1,800

On that note, definitely need to build the HGUC Gundam Ez-8 after all these After Colony High Grades **nudge nudge wink wink**.

Box Art Extravaganza Fünf Now here’s another non-lead Gundam that will most likely make into the CATALOGUE thanks to the reasons explained here. That said, anything based on the Zeta Gundam design is very much appreciated.

That’s because the Lightning Gundam is based on the Re-GZ. Likewise, the mobile suit gets its complete form and gives it the ability to transform into Waverider Mode once it combines with the Lightning Back Weapon System support unit.

Unlike early HGBF kits though, this add-on comes as a totally separate release and isn’t included in with the Lightning Gundam.

  • HGBF Lightning Gundam
    Release Information: Nov. 2014 · ¥1,600
Box Art Extravaganza Fünf Finishing this list is the second Gundam unit to appear in GUNDAM Reconguista in G. The design isn’t as polarizing as the G-Self but is still unique on its own right.

On that note, the G-Arcane has appeared for the last three episodes and yet it doesn’t do anything useful, or significant for that matter. Hopefully this won’t be the case when this kit is released, especially since the G-Arcane has a flight mode that would totally look awesome in animation.

  • HG Gundam G-Arcane
    Release Information: Nov. 2014 · ¥1,728

Images via Gundam.Info on Facebook


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