BLOG: HGUC Crossbone Gundam X1 – Box Art

HGUC Crossbone Gundam X1 - Box Art Just a little tidbit. The "cvphased" part of the site name is actually a distant derivative of "Crossbone Vanguard" to which this mobile suit comes from. So yeah, everyone should know how this collector feels about this release.

Much like any High Grade kit from non-animated fiction, no series logos are present in the packaging. Bummer. Peculiarly, the X1 is also designated as an S.N.R.I. prototype rather than Crossbone Vanguard’s. If it’s the former, shouldn’t it be referred to as Gundam F97?

Totally unnecessary nitpicking aside, it’s always good to see the Crossbone Gundam X1 looking bad ass. Hopefully Bandai continues to milk this mold to produce the X3, or even a Bandai Hobby Online Shop exclusive Full Cloth option set.

  • HGUC Crossbone Gundam X1
    Release Information: Nov. 2014 · ¥1,800
    Images via Hobby Search

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