BLOG: GUNDAM Reconguista in G – G-Self Additional Variants

GUNDAM Reconguista in G - G-Self Additional Variants During the end credits of GUNDAM Reconguista in G, additional variants of the G-Self were revealed, including those that would actually change the color of its Photon Frame armor. Variable Phase Shift armor anyone?

On the left is a GN Arms-like mobile weapons platform that changes the blue parts of the G-Self to red, matching its dominant color scheme. Then on the right is a huge backpack deal that then gives the G-Self a Char Aznable-esque pink color. Both are still unnamed, but will most likely get stand-alone units, unlike the Space Pack because of their difference in colors.

This goes to show that Tomino has removed his previous grudges and is now embracing the Bandai marketing scheme, and is going with it pretty well.


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