BLOG: That’s Just Prime – An Introspect

That's Just Prime - An Introspect

Battle Command Optimus Prime fits well among Voyager Class figures.

The CATALOGUE Collection Index has four major categories, #1000 being designated to Optimus Prime figures and is currently defined as:

… restricted to Deluxe Class figures and will only include other size classes when deemed necessary…

Looks like that has to be redefined thanks to two reasons. First — scale for Transformers figures (sans the Masterpiece line) is essentially bonkers with mass shifting and all. And second — Transformers collectors generally don’t like small Optimus Prime figures, being a leader character and all.

While that hasn’t stopped Hasbro form producing Deluxe Class figures, especially in the collector-oriented Generations line, the trend has always stayed with the Voyager/Leader Classes.

That's Just Prime - An Introspect

Generations Orion Pax repainted as Machine Wars Optimus Prime & Thunder Clash

This is probably not an issue to most collectors, though for someone who’s particular about size consistency (i.e. THIS collector), it will be more significant.

As such, category #1000 will be redefined to:

… primarily include Deluxe Class figures with few Voyager Class exceptions if necessary. Likewise, unlicensed and one-off figures will be compared against the standard size classes for consistency…

This ultimately means that there will be no Cyberverse (Legion/Commander) or Leader Class figures in the CATALOGUE. Yes, size and scale consistency are quite the deal here.


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