BLOG: HGBF Beargguy III [San] – Special Work in Progress #2

HGBF Beargguy III [San] - Special Work in Progress #2 Okay, managed to get work done on HGBF Beargguy III [San] after a couple of days and a massive storm. With the parts molded mostly in animation-accurate colors, there’s no need to do detail painting. Covering the panel lines and a good flat top coat should do the trick.

As seen, the only parts needed to be built are the lower legs. Now the kit also includes additional parts to replicate its hyper-extending arm units, similar to the original Acguy. That said, the purpose of this build doesn’t actually warrant those so they won’t be included. The rear ribbon unit (LOL) is also made of softer plastic which is better without the flat finish to preserve its ribbon-like gloss.

At this point, the kit is still very enjoyable to build. It’s quite a ways different from the usual Gundam-type kits. Then again this comes from a collector who builds mostly lead mobile suits.


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