BLOG: MG Hi-Nu Gundam H.W.S. Ver.Ka – Official Shots

MG Hi-Nu Gundam Ver.Ka H.W.S. - Official Shots Just a month after releasing the MG Hi-Nu Gundam Ver.Ka, Bandai is also throwing in this very nifty upgrade set that adds more bulk to the already-bulky mobile suit.

Much like the Nu Gundam, the Hi-Nu Gundam also has its own Heavy Weapon System (or H.W.S.) configuration. The set will include additional chest, waist and leg armors, as well as more "hyper" weapons. There’s the Hyper Mega Shield, Hyper Mega Rifle and the New Hyper Bazooka. These can be combined with the base mobile suit to upgrade it to the H.W.S. in its first form, then retrofit it further to its second form.

As with all "Ver.Ka" Master Grades, the set will include a bunch of water slide decals, including the ink pattern used in the normal shield.

  • MG Hi-Nu Gundam H.W.S. Ver.Ka
    Expansion Set

    Release Information: Sept. 2014 · ¥3,024
    Images via Premium Bandai

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