BLOG: TRANSFORMERS Generations – Megatron & Armada Megatron

TRANSFORMERS Generations - Megatron & Armada Megatron Among the upcoming figure announcements in the recently-concluded BotCon 2014, the 2015 Optimus Prime figure generated quite a negative reaction. Fortunately for Megatron collectors, the story is different as they’re not getting one, but two incarnations of the Decepticon tyrant.

Using the same mold coupled by some retooling, repaints and differences in transformation, they’ll be releasing G1 Megatron and Armada Megatron. As they’re the same mold, both figures transform into tanks to which the differences boils down to their color schemes.

With Armada Starscream and Megatron getting modern figures, could this lead to more offerings from TRANSFORMERS Armada?


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