BLOG: Variable Action E.S.Dinah – AmiAmi Preview

Variable Action E.S.Dinah - AmiAmi Preview A couple of months before its release, the great folks at AmiAmi received a preview copy of MegaHouse’s Variable Action E.S.Dinah as it appeared in Xenosaga Episode III.

Not really sure if it’s the just the design or MegaHouse’s production quality, but this figure looks great! That said, stability problems have plagued the Variable Action line and that would greatly detract from this figure thanks to those huge rear binders. But as far as this preview is concerned, it doesn’t look like much of an issue.

And yes, it can replicate the X-Cannon stance to great heights. For those still on the fence, check out AmiAmi’s preview to make or break your decision.

  • Variable Action E.S.Dinah
    Release Info: August 2014 · ¥13,824
    Image via AmiAmi Blog

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