BLOG: E2046 – Gathering MazinSaga

E2046 - Gathering MazinSaga Prior to the guys of E2046 informing me about this kit, MazinSaga certainly belongs to the spectrum of unknown stuff.

Apparently, it’s a newer (like 90s new) entry by Go Nagai that sort of combines story elements from Mazinger Z and Devilman. This time around, Mazinger Z is an armored warrior that gives its bearer the power of a god or a demon.

And that’s one good looking armor! It basically takes the classic Mazinger Z design and injects some knight motifs, as well as changing the color scheme to mostly blue. There haven’t been much figures of this design so this is perfect for those looking for one.

  • Gathering MazinSaga
    Release Info: June 28, 2014 · $194.99
    Pre-order via E2046

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