BLOG: RE/100 Nightingale – Colored Prototype Shots

RE/100 Nightingale - Colored Prototype Shots Yeeeah, not really about the colored prototype shots. Here are some delayed thoughts about the Reborn-One Hundred line.

These kits are essentially better 1/100 scale ‘no-grades’ with details almost at par with Master Grades without the complexities of inner frames. What’s unique with this line is that Bandai can’t use it to release mainstream mobile suits since those are already covered by the Master Grade line, hence, they’ve gone unorthodox with the first three releases.

Will Bandai also use the line to release 1/100 kits from future Gundam series that they normally do as ‘no-grades’?

UPDATE: Bandai has also released the translated promotional video for the Reborn-One Hundred line as seen in the 53rd Shizuoka Hobby Show.


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