BLOG: Transformers Convoy Pen

Transformers Convoy Pen For the past 30 years of the Transformers franchise, Optimus Prime/Convoy has transformed into quite a number of objects outside of his default vehicle mode in the official fiction/canon.

He’s become an iPod speaker dock, a pair of Nike rubber shoes, and even a baseball cap. Then out of nowhere, Sen-Ti-Nel announced that they’ll be doing Mega Drive Megatron where, as the name suggests, the Decepticon tyrant transforms into a Sega Mega Drive. How about Optimus Prime?

Well, Sen-Ti-Nel has revealed that they’ll be releasing an Optimus Prime that transforms into a… ballpen? Yes, Megatron becomes a game console while Optimus Prime turns into a writing instrument. Oh the equality.

Convoy Pen measures at 143mm in ballpen mode and stands 105mm in robot mode, fully articulated. Peter Cullen should be using this ballpen for all his autograph sessions.

  • Transformers Convoy Pen
    Release Information: TBD
    Image via

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