BLOG: Tamashii Web Exclusive – Tamashii SPEC Layzner Mk-II

Tamashii SPEC Layzner Mk-II Layzner was one of the first figures released in the Tamashii SPEC line back in 2007, though it took Bandai 7 years to follow up with its upgraded version. Layzner Mk-II was designed as the supposed upgrade to the Lazyner but didn’t make it as the series was cancelled early at 38 episodes. Yup, they’re releasing a figure of a machine that was never realized in fiction.

One major difference between the Layzner Mk-II with its predecessor is its transformation to flight mode — which was sort of a thing for robots in the 1980s. It’s still unknown whether this release will have the same ‘Sound System’ (i.e. display base with sound box) as the first one. Apart from those, expect the same high quality as any Tamashii SPEC release.

  • Tamashii SPEC Layzner Mk-II
    Release Information: Sept. 2014 · ¥9,180
    Images via TAG Hobby

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