BLOG: HGUC Neo Zeong – Colored Prototype Shots

HGUC Neo Zeong - Colored Prototype Shots Ever since the Neo Zeong was revealed in the earlier Mobile Suit Gundam UC teasers and those blurry magazine scans, it has created such a buzz due to its massive size. Not really sure if this trumps the HGUC Dendrobium, but standing at 860 mm makes this kit the tallest 1/144 scale kit Bandai has ever released.

Take Char’s original Zeong, and combine that with the Alpha Azieru and Dendrobium and this is what happens. Do take note that this is still a High Grade, so expect large pieces when assembling this kit. Though it will most likely have an inner frame of sorts to support that huge structure. It will also include an HGUC Sinanju to dock with the mobile armor.

  • HGUC Neo Zeong
    Release Information: June 2014 · ¥27,000
    Images via TAG Hobby

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